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Why Regalo?

How we knew

Regalo began as an idea during late night phone calls between the three of us, trying to keep each other awake driving home from tango events, or while James was organizing the kitchen, Corin was working on her nightly business shipping and Milton was getting ready for bed (the early bird of the group). 

On a whim, Corin reached out to a local business group about unique venues in the area and when Mechanics Hall was mentioned, all three of us knew this was a spot we had to see. We visited later that week and we were convinced -- the space was even more beautiful in person and we had to dance there!

Honestly, a venue of this prestige would never have been within reach in Boston, but Worcester made it possible. We are so excited to invite our friends from around the world to join us in this magical venue, located in the center of the 2nd largest city in Massachusetts. We hope you will be as enchanted as we are!

What does "regalo" mean?

When we were dreaming about this event and searching for a name that fit our vision (and the venue!), we found ourselves reflecting on the way it feels to gather with our beloved tango community. That inquiry ended with Milton surprising us with "Regalo!" and explaining why it was perfect. To be able to host this event, in this magical hall with all of you, truly feels like a gift to us. 

Our question is, what will Regalo mean to you?


Corin, Milton & James

Image by Pio Ting, Regalo 2023

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