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Mechanics Hall

321 Main St

Worcester, MA 01608

Join us

The Details

July 19-21, 2024

$270 per person

• 5 Milongas, 25 hours of dancing

• Excellent DJs and custom built sound system

• Co-Created guest list
• Community dinner

• Clothing and shoe swap

• Chacarera class *NEW* 
• Open forum discussion
• Access to our beautiful venue all weekend, including the balcony, lounge spaces, dining hall and a quiet room for resting

• And maybe more...


Registration is OPEN!

We have a very limited number of solo leader, solo follower and solo switch spots available. We ask that everyone who can, register with a partner to leave these spots for people who really need them.

Couple Spots *OPEN!*

25 Solo Leaders *Available but limited*

25 Solo Followers *FULL*

10 Solo Switch *FULL*

Once these spots are full, a partner will be required for all registrations


1. Click the red "Register Here" button and fill out the Registration form.
2. If your Registration is approved, you will receive an email with payment instructions.
3. Send payment within 48 hours of receipt to complete your Registration and secure your spot.

Note: Filling out the registration form does not guarantee a spot. Corin, James and Milton will review each request carefully and make invitations based upon unanimous agreement.


We want to make attending Regalo as equitable as possible, which means we are dedicated to building and allocating an ongoing Scholarship Fund for people who need financial help to attend Regalo. With funds donated last year, matched 100% by the Regalo organizers, and ongoing donations made by Registrants this year, we are thrilled to offer both $50 and $100 Scholarships to a limited number of people.

Our intention is not just to reduce registration fees, but to help with some of the expenses of coming to the event, including helping with the exchange rate for those paying with foreign currencies or with extra travel costs for people coming from a distance. If money stands in your way of attending Regalo, we encourage you to consider taking a scholarship. 


Be proactive! Scholarships are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. 


Regalo is private event with a co-created guest list. Our intention is to create a gathering of experienced dancers who are diverse, kind, friendly and thoughtful, and who share our values for a safe, welcoming community.


We need your help building the guest list! Do you have someone you'd like to recommend? Add them to the Regalo Facebook group for our consideration, or message us directly. Please note that invitations are limited to 5 per year per person, so choose thoughtfully. 

The Fine Print

• Role balanced (leader/follower/switch)

• No drop-ins, full weekend passes only
• Refunds: 

  100% back minus $25 admin fee before May 1st 

  50% back minus $25 admin fee before July 1st

  No refunds starting July 1st

• Absolutely NO selling your own pass. All transactions must go through us.

• Transfers may be possible with our approval only but are not guaranteed. Email us at with your request.

If transfer is approved:

   Transfer must be made to someone with the same dance role or a role that is still open for registration

  Recipient must be in the Regalo Facebook group or approved by hosts

   $25 admin fee applies to all transfers

Code of Conduct: This event is a Safe Space. Everyone who attends must agree to a Code of Conduct at the time of Registration. Anyone who violates this Code may be subject to immediate action per the terms therein.

< See the Code of Conduct or Report Harm > 

• Registration: Requesting an invitation does not guarantee entrance to the event. We reserve the right to deny or cancel any registration at our discretion.

Photography: Participants understand that images/video will be taken at Regalo and may be used for promotional or commercial purposes. Registration implies implicit consent of image use for these purposes. Participants may opt out by sending an email to

Hold Harmless: Participants are aware that Regalo Tango Project (hereinafter referred to as the "Event" or "Regalo") will be held in person and, on behalf of themselves, their heirs, successors, assigns, and personal representatives, agree to hold the organizers and volunteers of the Event harmless and agree to discharge, release, or waive any claim of liability or damages for any economic loss or injury, physical or emotional, that they might suffer as a result of their participating in the Event.  Should any claim be brought by them against Regalo for liability, economic loss, physical injury and/or damages resulting from their participation in the Event, travel to and from the Event (including air travel), or any activities incidental to the Event, they will be responsible for any reasonable attorney fees and cost for having to defend against such action.

COVID Contagion: Participants acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily participate in Regalo knowing that participating in the Event increases their risk of exposure.

We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions listed under "Fine Print." 

Cancellation Policy

In the event that Regalo is cancelled due to COVID, natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances, all registrants will be refunded in full minus a $25 admin fee, or provided with a full pass for a designated future event with us.

COVID Policy

There is currently no testing or vaccination requirement to attend Regalo. However, if the landscape of risk changes drastically, we reserve the right to update this policy in response.

Cancellations due to COVID: In the event of a positive COVID diagnosis (proof of positive test required), we will provide a refund of your Registration minus a 20% cancellation fee.

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